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Welcome to the KBSI Remote Apps Site


In continuing to provide customers with the latest in KBSI modeling tools and technologies, we have developed the KBSI Remote Apps Site, an alternative to client based software licensing that eliminates the burden of installing software on your system. The KBSI Remote Apps Site can be utilized by Guest Users and Subscription Users to provide access to fully functional KBSI software tools and applications.

  • Guest Users can register to run the available KBSI tools for a 48 hour time period.  Guest Users can register online using the Create Guest Account page.
  • Subscription Users have purchased a full version of the tool or application and will have access on the KBSI Remote Apps Site for the length of their subscription period.


If you have a KBSI Remote Apps username and password, please login.

If you do not have an account, you can request an account here.

Available KBSI Remote Apps Software

The following KBSI tools and applications are available for use via the Remote Apps Site. For more detailed information concerning each of the available KBSI Remote Apps tools and applications, please click the title below:

AIØ WIN® Lite ProSim® SmartER®
ModelMosaic® WorkSim® Personal Data Prospector (PDP®)

Registering to use the KBSI Remote Apps Site

All Remote Apps Site users need to register as a Guest User. Once registered, KBSI will immediately send you an e-mail confirming your registration. A second e-mail will follow to inform you that an account has been successfully created as well as provides the username and password for accessing your selected KBSI Remote Apps Site software tool(s). This second e-mail also indicates when your User account will expire and provides information about system requirements and saving your modeling work.

Technical Support

If you experience any difficulties in working with the KBSI Remote Apps Site, please e-mail sales@kbsi.com or call 979-260-5274 and ask for the Information Technology department.

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